JD Bug Power Surfer Skateboard Waveboard. £25

Black/Green/Silver. Rubberised Plastic Deck, Metal Frame, 3″ caster/swivel wheels. 78cm long, 21cm wide(at widest). Barely used and in great and fully working condition.

Power Surfer Skateboard (Blue) gives you the thrill of skiing, surfboarding and snowboarding all in one. You don’t need to kick off with your leg like for a scooter or skateboard. Control movement by leaning and maneuvering with your foot. Lightweight construction and high-resistance to rough use specially when performing stunts. A metal strut connects the main boards and makes them rigid while the boards are flexible for fluid movement. It has caster wheels which allow for a smooth ride. Kids and adults learning to ride this skateboard will improve their balance and coordination, hand-eye coordination and build on their gross motor skills.

Collection from Crawley Mill near Witney, free delivery to Oxford as long as I have more than one bike to deliver.